January 2013 photos and videos

This year has brought along some nice sunny days to enjoy and we’re so thankful! It’s been fun to watch Timothy continue to thrive in our daily routine and outings during the week. I enjoy our reading times together and really hope he learns to love to read. He is a pro at sitting up now (he even sat still as Andrew took his passport photo recently!). Since the first week of February, he is starting to scoot across rooms, albeit at a pretty slow place. It was amazing to me how quickly he went from turning circles on his tummy and sliding backwards, to scooting forward in just about a week’s time. It’s been such a blessing to learn to appreciate this stage of our baby boy’s development and days have definitely been flying by faster as we play together more.

Cute elements of Timothy’s personality are starting to emerge now and we’ve been appreciating how he is an overall calm and easygoing baby. We’ve also noticed that (much like his Papa), he is  interested in and excited around furry animals; especially the dogs he’s met thus far. So much so that one may even wonder if rescuing a big dog is in the (distant!) future for our family! 😉 We’ve tried to capture some of his growth and smiles during play times in these photos and videos from January.


Very excited for Haley the golden retriever!

Petting Stewie rabbit

Timothy blowing his lips

Playing peek-a-boo with Mama