October fun and photos

Here's another pine cone, Mama!
Here’s another pine cone, Mama!

October sure flew by for us! We are enjoying the beautiful autumn colors here and curious little Timothy is relishing all the pine cones and leaves he gets to pick up and examine. There are still enough dry breaks with all the drizzling around here that we’ve been able to take walks and explore outside, which is great for our busy little walking guy. Books, toys, indoor chores and yard work just isn’t getting Timothy’s energy spent enough at home sometimes so we’ve taken to roaming malls during rainy and cold days…some of you may be (understandably) surprised to learn I’ve become a bit of a mall rat lately.

A few highlights in Timothy’s development this month are his asking for many hugs each day, the loud smooches he gives to stuffed animals and (wants to for) dogs, and the snuggles he gives to his baby sister already while she’s growing inside of me. We’re pretty sure he probably doesn’t understand his big brother status, but it’s still very sweet that he likes to hug my growing belly and pet it affectionately… although, I probably won’t feel quite the same way if this continues after Baby Grace arrives. 😉 His little toddle looks like it’s going to develop into a run soon so we’re mentally gearing up for that, too. Timothypettingdog

Timothy’s languages are really coming along now and it’s so fun to hear him add “car”, “bus”, “truck”, “meat”, “bird”, “tiger”, “owl”, “bear”, “apple”, “pear”, “banana”, “avocado”, “hug”, “Bible”, “book”, “tree”, “eyes”, “pants”, “hat”, “shoe”, “socks”, “cat”, and the Chinese titles for all of his grandparents to his vocabulary as well as make lots of animal sounds. One of my favorites is the leaf-chewing sound he makes for giraffes – it’s so hilarious! I didn’t know what else to teach him for that animal but it cracks me to watch him remember that sound and repeat it when he sees a giraffe. He’s quite fixated on fruits and animals lately and it’s amazing to watch him absorb and learn so much through books, toys and interacting with us. 


We truly hope you enjoy celebrating with loved ones and giving thanks in these upcoming weeks and months – thank you for keeping up with our little growing family!