July 2013 Update and Mobile Pics

Timothy in his friend Abigail’s chair

We’re definitely enjoying this Northwest summer with it’s long days and hope you are enjoying these months where you are as well! =)

Timothy has been so busy and interactive nowadays, definitely keep us on our toes. It’s been so encouraging to see him add to his repertoire of signs to include “please”, “more”, and “food” in addition to his very frequent signs of being finished with something and wanting milk. We’re also thrilled he spends a lot of time throughout the day flipping through books. It’s so amusing to watch him growl, woof, and roar as he sees the animals in his books, and enjoy being read to even though he flips through books so quickly. I’m really enjoying watching Timothy develop and am glad to be home with him each day. Between his dancing, exploring, “reading” and mealtimes, our days are pretty full even without regular outings. We’re so blessed to be in a great neighborhood with older kiddos who dote on Timothy, stores to peruse, restaurants and a fantastic park nearby.

Timothy playing at the counter

Unfortunately, this month also brought along an incident where Timothy tipped himself into a plastic organization unit and scraped up his face. Although I know it’s minor and only a sign of things to come with a little boy, it made me so sad to see the scrape right in the middle of his face. Other than wanting some extra snuggles throughout the day, the little guy dealt with it pretty well and it’s healing quickly. A third tooth has also emerged and it’s neat to watch it appear bigger each day when he grins and giggles.

At the fridge

I notice even more how impatient and controlling I am, which is quite frustrating and humbling. I realize things are actually relatively calm now just because Timothy hasn’t shown a big interest in walking yet, aside from standing a lot lately. However as we’re on the cusp of only more busyness when he becomes a toddler and decides to start walking, and I can only imagine the messes that I’ll be cleaning up each day will multiply as he explores even more. I’m thankful that God’s mercies are new every morning and that he is being faithful to refine and sanctify me as I learn more about his heart for parenting. It’s crazy to me how much my heavenly father delights in me, his adopted child in Christ, when I often waver between delighting in and being exasperated with Timothy throughout the days and weeks. When I step back and ignore the dropped food, piles, stains and dirty dishes I can see more clearly what a blessing it is to be a mama and enjoy these days with my little guy who just wants to play and enjoy my company.

Eyeing Abigail’s snack
Petting a friendly Wheaten
Timothy peering at Bella outside
So busy at his check-up
Papa & Timothy w/ a big Golden

I’m so grateful for Andrew’s patience and great perspective as we learn to parent together and appreciate that Timothy plays so differently with his papa. I’m heartbroken to think of all the little boys who grow up without involved fathers, and I’m especially thankful for Andrew’s devotion and dedication to loving Jesus and continuing to learn to lead our family with love. We’re in a great season as a little family and look forward to the rest of this summer as a family together.

Papa & Timothy “driving”

June 2013 Photos and Update

What a full and busy June we had! Timothy’s first birthday brought along a very enjoyable visit with the Ma grandparents and we made some great memories together while they were here. It’s also been so fun for us to see the little guy start to sign and use some words to communicate with us. Timothy has taken to doing some bouncy and jiggly dancing (anytime, anywhere) when he hears any sort of upbeat music, occasionally even trying┬áto sing along! We’re thankful to have had this first year with Timothy and are certainly starting to feel the time fly by as he’s growing so quickly lately. Thank you for all of your encouragement and love to our family in this past year!