Life with three littles, 3 and under

These days are full in many ways with all the messes, requests, meals, and cuteness these young years bring. We’re incredibly grateful for all the help we’re able to have during this season. I’m thankful for a supportive and helpful husband, parents-in-law, and the postpartum doulas who have served our family very well. Homeschooling has definitely slowed down a lot since Mary’s arrival, but all the help we’re receiving still allows me to get some time with Timothy to continue some of the lessons that he’s so excited to do together. I’m thankful he picked up reading pretty well in the month before Mary’s birth because it has helped him pursue a lot on his own as an eager student.

Timothy has been thrilled to see Mary every single morning and all throughout the day. We really couldn’t have prayed for a sweeter big brother for Mary and continue to praise God for giving him a tender and thoughtful personality. Grace’s zeal for Baby Mary is cute, and we’re working on ways to include her safely. She’s so eager to say hi to and touch her precious little sister. It’s been challenging for me to find dedicated time to spend with the older children, and am beginning to really sense why middle children can often feel lost in the mix. It sure explains some of my own angst growing up! Our son has risen to the occasion in multiple ways as a helping firstborn, becoming more independent and caring. He has even taken on sorting and folding Baby Mary’s laundry because, as he states in Chinese, “Mama is so tired.” Moments like this in the midst of the newborn fog are just too precious!

This stage of cuteness is passing more quickly than I realize even though the days can feel so long. Having little ones less than two years apart each has been so sweet in some ways, but hard in many others. We started February with a scary stay at Seattle Children’s Hospital because Mary caught RSV from the older two and needed breathing support. It was such a blessing to have grandparents here to help with the older two children while I was at the hospital with Mary. She’s a trooper and has since recovered well with no further respiratory issues.

Grace turned two, and was so happy to celebrate her “happy day” with cake. She’s grown up in so many ways, and we’re looking forward to seeing how she grows this year. It was a treat to get to celebrate early with my in-laws and again with some friends at our house. I also enjoyed seeing Grace show so much enthusiasm and understanding of it being her birthday this year. This spunky girl of ours continues to wow us with her funny attitude, cute pretend play, and healthy appetite.