Life with two under 2 so far

So much fun “driving” a fire truck!

The four of us had a fun March with the remainder of Grandma Ma’s visit and some days on our own before Grampa Ma arrived. What a blessing it’s been to have so much help with the little ones! Grace is growing so quickly that we can barely capture enough of her changing looks on camera. Timothy is still adjusting to having less of Mama’s attention, but he loves doting on his baby sister; often asking to see, touch, kiss, sit with, and hold her. It’s such a pleasure to see him love on Grace and grow to be a bit more independent recently. I get requests for extra snuggling as bumps and scrapes occur more often now that he’s running and exploring vigorously. He seems fine sharing Mama with baby sister Grace so far and it makes our hearts glad. Timothy’s enjoying frequent trips to the park with Grampa Ma during the sunny days in between all the spring rain we’re getting. He’s become quite the climber and animal-sighter! We also started going to Cantonese story times at a local library and we’re enjoying it. I also take it as a learning time for my rudimentary Cantonese! As Timothy’s language develops, I get to hear more of what goes on in his little head and boy, it’s sure a riot sometimes! Timothy especially likes to point out when Grace is awake (it seems to him she’s always sleeping) and calls out people’s flatulence with the help of his very sharp ears. 😛

Selfie with littles

While it’s hectic on some days to have two very little ones to care for, sometimes my heart feels so full it could burst! Though it wasn’t that long ago, I’d forgotten how precious it is to take in the coos and gurgles of a newborn. Grace’s sweet little sounds and increasing number of expressions melt our hearts. I look forward to the increased sibling interactions between the kids in the months/years to come, and love watching Andrew’s relationships with his son and daughter grow as well. The transition to this stage has been less arduous than I’d expected, but I’m still so grateful for all the help, prayers and encouragement we receive. Since scrapbooking is still not likely in my future, I hope to continue posting regularly here on our family blog so that between here and our hard drives of photos and videos, we can organize our family’s growing trove of memorable times. This post was a bit overdue, so the photo gallery is especially full. 😉

Happy Spring and season of Lent!