Finding a New Normal this Spring

As we prepared to celebrate Easter, Timothy and Grace enjoyed learning new songs and outside play time that accompany the warmer weather. The unpredictability of many our days has me adjusting  my expectations of what we’re able to get done each week. Our new normal means I shouldn’t be in much of a hurry to get things done, and that our weeks are pretty much spent at home around the girls’ naps. It’s been really sweet to see Timothy and Grace grow as older siblings. They both enjoy trying to entertain Mary and their baby sister is a pretty patient audience to their performances. Since outings are more challenging to time, we’ve been making more use of our front lawn this year to have picnics while Mary naps.

Celebrating Resurrection Sunday this year was especially fun as the older children showed more interest and understanding of why we celebrate our hope in a Risen Savior. Our Lent readings and activities and readings spurred on discussion and tradition-building as they learned new hymns and discovered new treats. They enjoyed their Easter baskets, eating Resurrection rolls for breakfast, proclaiming He is Risen, and having friends over for brunch. I was especially heartened by the reality of a risen and victorious Savior as the reality of my own sin needing atonement. A gracious and loving Savior who took on my anger, fears, shame, resentment, impatience, faithlessness and numerous other failures has been a source of truth and solace lately as I continue to stumble along in motherhood. What a joy that we actually get to celebrate the reality of the resurrection every week in our church family gatherings!

The older kids have enjoyed exploring outside and we’re anticipating the garden and fruit trees blossoming and bearing fruit this spring and summer. Northwest springs and summers are so nice! We’re also excited (and a bit daunted, honestly) by our upcoming trip to Toronto as a family of five, and look forward to the fun times we’ll have with family and old friends.