Thoughts from this new mama

The past 5 months with Timothy haven’t exactly flown by, but it’s been full of learning and so much fun at times. They say you can never be fully ready for motherhood (or marriage!) and I’m definitely feeling that truth. Nothing – not even the poor sleep towards the end of the pregnancy – could have prepared me for the tiredness I feel on some days. On the other hand, no amount of time spent with other children I absolutely adore could compare to the amazing thrill of watching our son grow and enjoy life!

The call of motherhood has been challenging for me, and this is only the beginning! Not being able to freely do things I used to take for granted (like long showers) has made me face my prideful and selfish desires for productivity and comfort, and caused me to repent more and run to the cross of Christ. Scripture, biblical books on parenting, and articles like this one are especially nourishing for my wayward soul in this new season.

Friends have asked me if being a mama is what I’d hoped/imagined. I’ve had to respond with the fact that it’s been far more sanctifying than I’d expected! Like marriage, I realize it’s so worthwhile it because it helps me understand God’s grace better. I’m so grateful for an incredibly patient and gracious husband I have in Andrew. I appreciate being able to be at home to raise Timothy, even though some days feel difficult.

Enough of my rambling – here are some pictures from my phone, taken this last month. We hope you are well and able to stay and warm this season, especially our family and friends out east where superstorm Sandy hit this week. Thank you for viewing our family blog!

Timothy – Aug-Oct mobile picture upload

Nowadays, Timothy is starting to be quite interactive with Papa and Mama. He continues to enjoy his bath times a lot, meeting new people, and is starting to really get into his exersaucer. Reading times with Mama have been even more fun as he gazes and coos at pictures. Speaking of pictures – Timothy loves looking at the photos and art around our house. Enjoy!