Welcome to the Ma Family Blog

Hello family and friends,

With many of you in different cities, time zones and countries, it gets hard to let all of you know what’s going on our life. Jenny and I are starting a family blog to help share with you the moments in our lives. Posting will likely be sporadic but we’ll share pictures, stories and more. Feel free to subscribe via e-mail or RSS so you get notifications when we do share things.

To begin, we’re leaving to our Vietnam trip in about 12 hours so we’ll be posting about our trip when possible. While we’re in country, it’ll most likely be snapshots here if our hotel’s internet is reliable.

Merry Christmas 2009

Christmas Card 2009 - Front

Dear friends and family,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! We hope this greeting finds you well. 2009 has been quite a year for us with months of wedding planning and moving into a new home to share together. We have also enjoyed getting to travel together for our honeymoon to the Bahamas and spending July 4th in Washington, D.C. Additionally, we’ve taken trips for two different family weddings to Montreal and New York. Andrew is currently in his 7th year at Microsoft, continuing to grow in his role in the Xbox division. His Xbox gamescore has also grown to 40,000. Jenny completed her academic tour through Bellevue College/The King’s College/Seattle Pacific University with a business degree. She currently has a contract position in downtown Seattle and hopes it leads to a full time position as the work she is doing interests her. Stewie and Sammy (pet rabbits) have had to make their home in the garage. However, they are adjusting well and their cage is frequented often by us and many of our young house visitors who enjoy petting them and feeding them fresh veggies. We have been blessed in learning to live together in our house this past half year. It has been a growing experience filled with changes and warm memories, caring for each other in new ways and discovering more wonderful qualities in one another each day. In building our home together, house improvement projects have kept us busy as we check them off the list and continue to plan out the course for more to come. We are thankful for God’s gracious provision in our lives by making these house projects possible, and enjoying opportunities we have to open our home to family and friends through the year. Another highlight of this year has been the friendship and support from our mentors who offer us insight into our new life stage. Looking forward into 2010, we are excited to continue to grow in our marriage, our relationships and seeing what the Lord has in store for us as we look to Him for direction. We hope 2010 has good times in store for you and that you are getting to think upon the meaning of this holiday season and spending time with loved ones. Blessings, Andrew, Jenny, and our bunnies Stewie & Sammy (5 years)